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Advanced energy materials: "supply side" reform: optimizing ion transport dynamics to promote oer performance

wallpapers News 2020-09-02
The kinetic process of

heterogeneous catalysis includes adsorption diffusion surface chemical reaction. At present most of the researches on electrocatalysis focus on increasing the number of catalytic active sites improving the intrinsic activity of catalytic sites. However as a bottleneck problem in the field of electrocatalytic hydrolysis of water the ion transport kinetics at the electrode / electrolyte interface is rarely studied. In view of this

Professor Kang Zhuo University of Science Technology Beijing Zhang Yue academician team introduced nano hole in the three-dimensional graphene aerogel sponge structure by liquid phase chemical etching method accurately controlled pore size distribution density. The transport efficiency of reactive ions in the catalytic process is greatly improved so that the ions in the electrolyte can effectively diffuse to the active site microenvironment deeply embedded in the catalytic electrode the problem of insufficient supply of reactive ions caused by excessive exposure of active sites due to excessive loading of active substances is solved. The influence of pore structure of the loaded substrate on the ion transport resistance is revealed through a variety of equivalent circuit models It is expected to promote the performance limit of oer catalysis confirm the important application prospect of three-dimensional graphene structure with multi-stage pores as catalyst supported substrate.

in this work we designed constructed a three-dimensional graphene catalyst loading platform with multi-stage pores which broke through the traditional idea of optimizing the performance from the perspective of the number of active sites intrinsic activity proposed a new idea of "supply side" "consumption side" coordination linkage regulation of oer catalytic performance.

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