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Small structures: synthesis strategy and catalytic application of nano high entropy materials

wallpapers News 2020-08-09

high entropy alloy (HEA) is a kind of material which contains five or more metal elements (5-35 at.%). Because of its lattice distortion slow diffusion it is widely used in thermal electrical magnetic mechanical fields. In recent years with the rapid development of nano materials research nano high entropy alloys have also attracted the attention of researchers. At the same time the concept of "high entropy" is also extended to all kinds of metal carbon / nitrogen / oxide high entropy materials (HEM). Nano high entropy materials have the characteristics of diverse elements easy to change so they have unique electronic structure show better activity stability than traditional materials (such as: medium entropy low entropy materials etc.) in the field of heterogeneous catalysis become one of the hot materials in catalytic research.

associate researcher Zhu Han Professor Du Mingliang of Jiangnan University Professor Chai Yang of Hong Kong Polytechnic University systematically reviewed the research status of nano high entropy materials summarized the synthesis strategies related applications in heterogeneous catalysis prospected their application prospects challenges.

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