Advanced functional materials: band engineering helps to improve thermoelectric properties of two-dimensional semiconductor materials

thermoelectric materials can realize the mutual conversion of heat energy electric energy can be used to collect environmental heat energy industrial waste heat. It provides a sustainable green convenient way of energy supply for the current energy crisis. How to improve the energy conversion efficiency of thermoelectric materials has been the core of continuous discussion research in this field. As an important part of the post silicon semiconductor era two-dimensional semiconductor materials have high carrier mobility discrete density of states structure their applications in thermoelectric field have attracted extensive attention in recent years. Based on this Professor Wu Jing of materials Engineering Research Institute of science Technology Bureau of Singapore Professor John T. L. thong of National University of Singapore his research team have made important progress in thermoelectric transport of two-dimensional semiconductor materials. In this work the researchers found that the thermoelectric properties of the novel two-dimensional semiconductor material palladium selenide (pdse2) can be significantly improved by using energy b engineering the power factor is as high as 1.5 mwm-1k-2.

are different from the two-dimensional materials which are dominated by hexagonal honeycomb structure. Pdse2 has a unique folded pentagonal structure. This special low symmetry lattice structure will lead to the low thermal conductivity of pdse2 which makes it has great potential in the fields of thermoelectricity energy conversion. Firstly the contact resistance of pdse2 thermoelectric device was reduced by annealing. After annealing in 480k vacuum for 4 hours the conductivity of pdse2 was improved by nearly 10 times the electron carrier mobility reached 210 cm2v-1s-1. By comparing the thermoelectric properties of pdse2 samples with different thickness the researchers found that the thinner the pdse2 the better the conductivity thermoelectric properties. It is confirmed by the first simulation that with the decrease of the thickness additional energy bs appear in the conduction b to participate in the thermoelectric transport forming the energy b convergence thus providing more electronic density of States creating more electronic channels. Considering that the 2D thermal conductivity of the semiconductor is lower than that of the other reported materials it is better than that of the PZT at room temperature. Researchers have confirmed that thermal annealing "dimensional Engineering" can significantly improve the thermoelectric properties of the new two-dimensional semiconductor pdse2 which provides a new idea for the application of the emerging two-dimensional semiconductor materials in the field of low dimensional thermoelectric. This work has far-reaching significance for exploring the application of low dimensional materials in the field of self powered Internet of things.

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