Advanced science: anisotropic collective excitation in two dimensional semiconductor materials

The low dimensional periodic structures in

high-dimensional materials such as two-dimensional planar stacking structure one-dimensional chain stacking structure lead to many novel physical phenomena. For example the periodic two-dimensional copper oxide surface stacking structure in three-dimensional high temperature superconducting copper oxide produces new plasmon excitation affects its superconductivity. We know that sulfur is a two-dimensional transition metal with two layers of atoms. Due to the deviation of transition metal atoms in the intermediate layer it is twisted into a one-dimensional periodic zigzag chain structure (as shown in the figure). Therefore the new physical phenomena brought by the one-dimensional chain structure in two-dimensional materials are worthy of further exploration.

the electronic structures of quasi metallic monolayers wse2 MoS2 have been studied by spectroscopy. They found plasmon excitation in quasi metal structure this excitation does not exist in ordinary semiconductor structure. At the same time they proved that the collective excitation only appears in the direction perpendicular to the one-dimensional metal chain which is anisotropic. By combining spectroscopy theoretical calculation they proved that the long-range electron interaction between these one-dimensional chains is the key factor leading to the collective excitation. At the same time they found that the spin orbit coupling in the two-dimensional material affects the excitation energy of the plasmon. Finally they discussed the relationship between unconventional superconductivity in two-dimensional materials this collective excitation as well as the long-range interaction between one-dimensional chains.

are used in two-dimensional materials with one-dimensional chain structure. The study of their collective excitation modes not only provides new opportunities for the application of new optoelectronic devices but also plays an important role in revealing the mechanism of unconventional superconductivity in two-dimensional materials.

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