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Why is Copper alloyed with Nickel?

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What is copper and nickel alloy called?
There are a series of different CuNi alloy, which have different properties and can be used for different purposes, including:
Cupronickel: containing 60-90% copper.
Constantan: 45% nickel.
Monel: at least 52% nickel.

What is copper-nickel used for?
Oceanographic engineering
White copper alloys are used in marine applications because of their resistance to seawater corrosion, good processability and the effectiveness of reducing macro fouling levels. Alloys with compositions ranging from 90% Cu-10% Ni to 70% Cu-30% Ni are commonly used in heat exchangers or condenser tubes in a variety of marine applications.
Important marine applications of white copper include:
Shipbuilding and repair: Hull and ship, sea water cooling, bilge and ballast, sanitation, fire fighting, inert gas, hydraulic and pneumatic cooler systems.
Desalination plants: salt water heaters, heat exhaust and recovery, and evaporator pipes.
Offshore oil and gas platforms and processing and FPSO vessels: systems and splash zone jackets.
Power generation: steam turbine condensers, oil coolers, auxiliary cooling systems and high-pressure preheaters in nuclear power plants.
Seawater system components: condenser and heat exchanger tubes, tubesheets, pipes, high pressure systems, fittings, pumps and water tanks.
The successful application of white copper in coinage is due to its corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, durability, ductility, low allergic risk, easy stamping, antibacterial properties and recyclability.
The thermocouple junction is formed by a pair of thermocouple conductors, such as iron-constantan, copper-constantan, or nickel-chromium / nickel-aluminum. The joint can be protected in the sheath of copper, copper or stainless steel.
White copper is used in cryogenic applications. It has good ductility and thermal conductivity at very low temperature, which is beneficial to cryogenic processing and storage equipment and heat exchangers in cryogenic plants.
Since the beginning of the 20th century, bullet jackets have usually been made of this material. It was quickly replaced by gold-plated metal to reduce metal dirt in the hole.
At present, copper and nickel silver are still the basic materials of silver-plated tableware. It is commonly used in mechanical and electrical equipment, medical equipment, zippers, jewelry items, as well as strings and guitar strands of violin family instruments.
For high-quality cylindrical locks and locking systems, the cylindrical core is made of wear-resistant white copper.
White copper has been used as a substitute for traditional steel brake lines because it does not rust. Because white copper is much softer than steel, it is easier to bend and open, and the same performance makes it better sealed with hydraulic components.

Is copper nickel alloy strong?
The properties of copper-nickel alloys vary with their composition.
Copper 70/30 is sturdy and has excellent impact corrosion resistance.
Copper-rich alloy has ductility, hardening only by cold work, high corrosion resistance, high strength and low temperature resistance coefficient. Compared with nickel-free copper alloys, the nickel content of these alloys also enables them to maintain their strength at high temperatures.

Why is copper alloyed with nickel?
The addition of nickel to copper can improve its strength and corrosion resistance while maintaining the ductility of the alloy.

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