Infomat: light matter interaction in two dimensional materials enhanced by micro nano optical structure

As the representative of two-dimensional transition metal materials spkds has broad application prospects in the field of optoelectronic devices. Two dimensional materials have unique properties such as tunable b structure full interface characteristics good mechanical properties which make two-dimensional materials devices have unique advantages compared with traditional devices based on bulk materials. However the atomic thickness of two-dimensional materials makes the effective range of light matter interaction very narrow which limits the performance of optoelectronic devices. In recent years researchers have found that two-dimensional materials can effectively couple with a variety of micro nano optical structures to enhance the interaction between light matter.

in view of this Dr. Tao Li Dr. Chen Zefeng their collaborators of Professor xu Jianbin of the Department of electronic engineering of the Chinese University of Hong Kong published a review on infomat entitled "enhancing light material interaction in 2D materials by optical micro / nano architectures for high performance optoelectronic devices". This paper first introduces the basic optoelectronic properties of common two-dimensional materials then discusses the basic principles of a variety of common micro nano optical structures including surface plasmon structure optical waveguide structure optical microcavity structure reflective optical structure unit. These micro / nano optical structural units can effectively limit the electromagnetic field distribution control the propagation path of light wave control the light wave of specific wavelength through the structural unit design. Therefore in the two-dimensional material micro nano optical structure hybrid integrated system the intensity of light matter interaction can be greatly improved. Furthermore the applications of this hybrid integrated system in a variety of typical optoelectronic devices are discussed including photodetectors electro-optic modulators light-emitting devices molecular sensors. Finally the review summarizes prospects the two-dimensional material optoelectronic devices enhanced by micro nano optical structure points out the technical challenges possible solutions in the emerging stage provides a reference for the design of high-performance solid-state optoelectronic devices.

published in infomat

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