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Physical And Chemical Properties Of Selenium Powder

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Selenium powder, chemical formula Se, black-gray non-metallic, soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and chloroform, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, toxic, insoluble in water and ethanol.
Selenium powder is usually in powder or granular form, with pure appearance, consistent color, purity up to 99.99%, no impurities such as soil, stable composition, and uniform moisture.
Physical and chemical properties
Melting point: 217℃; boiling point: (684.9±1.0)℃; relative density: 4.81; soluble in concentrated sulfuric acid and chloroform, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, insoluble in water and ethanol.
Powder or granular, pure appearance, consistent color, no dirt and other impurities, stable composition, uniform moisture, saturated vapor pressure of 0.13KPa (356℃).

Preparation or source
Selenium is a rare element, and there is no independent selenium production plant in the world. Generally, selenium is associated with the electrolysis of copper and nickel, which is present in the electrolytic anode mud. There are many methods for recovering and purifying selenium and tellurium from copper electrolytic anode mud: caustic oxidative pressure leaching, oxidative roasting and high temperature leaching, low temperature oxidative roasting, dilute sulfuric acid leaching, etc., selenium and tellurium reduction mostly use sulfur dioxide reduction, copper reduction method. Due to the pre-roasting and oxidation method, the equipment is more complicated and the maintenance cost of power equipment is high. The sulfur dioxide gas is harmful to the human body and the environment, and the recovery rate and purity of selenium and tellurium. Using H2O2 as an oxidant, oxidize selenium and tellurium in a weak acid solution, adjust the pH to separate selenium and tellurium after solid-liquid separation, and reduce selenium and tellurium with Na2SO3 under hydrochloric acid acidification. The recovery rates of selenium and tellurium are 99% and 98%, respectively. , The purity can reach 99%.
1. If an accident occurs or you feel unwell, seek medical attention immediately (show the label if possible).
2. Avoid release to the environment.
Mainly used in the production of selenium dioxide as electrolytic manganese smelting catalyst, and other used in rectifiers, photographic exposure agents, petrochemical work catalysts, copy toner cartridges, selenium photosensitive plates, alloys, feed, and pigments in plastics, paints, enamels and glass , Medical and healthcare industries.

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