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Advanced healthcare materials: bacterial nanoparticles: a multifunctional carrier for diagnosis and treatment

For a long time bacteria have been considered to be harmful organisms causing infection. Many studies have focused on how to prevent bacterial infection limit bacterial resistance until breakthrough studies began to clarify that the change of bacterial characteristics will enable it to achieve multi-faceted diagnostic functions biological treatment strategies. The reversal of this role is that bacteria are easy to be genetically modified controlled by antibiotics thus increasing the operability safety. A variety of bacteria especially facultative anaerobes (e.g. Salmonella E.coli) can be colonized in specific tissues of their hosts including intestines skin as well as pathological tissues such as abscesses tumors providing the possibility for the treatment of refractory tumors or infectious diseases. Lu Xiaoyang director of the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University Professor Gao Jianqing research group of School of pharmacy of Zhejiang University based on their own work experience combined with the latest literature reports focused on bacterial derived nanocarriers systematically comprehensively summarized the research status latest progress of bacterial derived nanoparticles in drug delivery diagnosis treatment had great potential for clinical application Finally the safety challenges future development trend of the biological nanomaterials for clinical application were discussed. The co first authors of this paper are Liu Lin deputy chief pharmacist of Clinical Pharmacy Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Medical College of Zhejiang University Dr. Wu Jiahe School of pharmacy of Zhejiang University.
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