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How International Logistics Transports Goods From China to Europe


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The logistics of international commerce involves moving physical goods from one country to another, and it is a crucial part of many industries. It is also a vital component of sustaining the economy and creating jobs.

 How International Logistics Transports Goods From China to Europe

The global market is becoming increasingly competitive, which means that businesses must rely on international logistics to operate effectively. Whether they have one international office or several, having the right logistics team in place can help them keep their competitive edge and avoid costly mistakes.


A Chinese freight forwarder has a lot of experience in shipping to Europe from China, and they can help you find the best way to get your product there. They will also be able to guide you through customs, import duties and other regulatory issues that may be a challenge for your company.


Cost of Shipping

The cost of transporting your goods from China to Europe will depend on the weight, size, carrier and service that you choose. For example, a package of 1kg may cost around $20 USD while a large container may cost more than $1,000 USD.


Shipping costs are a major factor in determining the final price of your shipment, so it is important to know what these costs are and how much you want to spend before you decide on a shipping service. It is also a good idea to use multiple carriers, which can help you reduce your overall shipping costs by combining different services.


Sea freight is the most common way to ship from China to Europe, and it can take about 35 days to reach Europe via sea, but this is not as fast as air and express services (which are more expensive). Rail is another option, and it will take about 15/20 days for your goods to arrive in Europe.


If you are importing a large amount of goods from China, it is a good idea to consider air transportation. This is a more reliable and cost-effective solution, and it will also be faster than shipping by sea.


When it comes to air freight, it is important to choose a carrier that offers a wide range of services and can handle all the necessary paperwork required for imports. This will help ensure that your shipment arrives on time, and that you don’t run into any unexpected problems along the way.


Customs is a complicated area, and it’s important to work with a team that is knowledgeable about both the country you are importing from and the country you are importing to. They will be able to ensure that you pay the correct amount of duty and avoid any other penalties.


When it comes to shipping from China to Europe, it is a good idea to hire a freight forwarder that has strong relationships with top airlines in both countries. This will help you ensure that your shipment arrives on time and in pristine condition. This is especially important when you are shipping a perishable item, as air travel can be extremely risky and unpredictable.

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