Infomat: optical properties and applications of two dimensional CdSe nanosheets


colloidal semiconductor nanomaterials were synthesized in the 1990s they show many photophysical properties different from bulk semiconductor materials because of their very small physical size. Among them spherical semiconductor colloidal quantum dots are the most well-known materials which have been widely studied applied because of their high luminous efficiency continuous tunable wavelength. CdSe as a kind of II-VI semiconductor material has been developed continuously. With the progress of nanomaterial synthesis technology a new type of CdSe nanosheets with two-dimensional structure has been successfully prepared received great attention in recent years.

were published by the scientific research team of Professor Chen Rui in the Department of electronic electrical engineering of South University of science technology on infomat a highly influential journal in the field of information materials newly launched by Wiley publishing group entitled "optical properties applications of two dimensional CdSe" In this paper the synthesis development of two-dimensional CdSe nanosheets in recent years are briefly reviewed. The special optical properties applications of CdSe nanosheets are summarized in detail. Finally the future research application of CdSe nanosheets are put forward.

CdSe nanosheets are two-dimensional semiconductor nanomaterials with only a few molecular layers in thickness. Compared with the zero dimensional quantum dots the nanosheets only have quantum confinement effect in the thickness direction. This one-dimensional quantum confinement effect makes the luminescence wavelength only controlled by the thickness can be accurately determined by the number of molecular layers. Therefore CdSe nanosheets eliminate the non-uniform broadening of the luminescence spectrum caused by the size inhomogeneity in QDs realize the ultra narrow luminescence lines. In addition CdSe nanosheets exhibit large absorption cross section large optical gain. These optical properties of CdSe nanosheets can be further optimized controlled by means of heterostructure synthesis doping. In recent years the rapid development of perovskite material system has also realized the synthesis of nanosheets. The research results of CdSe nanosheets also have a certain significance in the research development of perovskite nanosheets. At present CdSe nanosheets have been used in light-emitting diodes laser gain media photocatalysis light collection other optoelectronic applications. This review points out that although CdSe nanosheets have many excellent optical properties there are still some problems to be further studied such as the influence of self stacking caused by the shape of CdSe nanosheets on the light-emitting characteristics the low efficiency of light-emitting diodes based on CdSe nanosheets how to use CdSe nanosheets with high optical gain to realize electroluminescent laser emission. CdSe nanosheets create a new system in semiconductor nanomaterials bring many unique optical properties which makes it a new type of semiconductor nanomaterials with great development potential.

the work is published in infomat

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Chen Rui: Professor Department of electronic electrical engineering Southern University of science technology the 10th batch of "thous talents plan" (Youth Project) of the Organization Department of the Central Committee the "peacock plan" (class B) of Shenzhen overseas high-level talents. The main research fields include laser spectroscopy optical properties of materials. In recent years optical modification has been carried out on the surface of nano materials various surface modification techniques have been skillfully used to regulate the b structure carrier characteristics of low dimensional nano materials research has been carried out on the design application of high-performance optoelectronic materials devices. So far more than 150 papers have been published including 17 cover articles which have been cited nearly 4000 times with H factor of 37.

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