Is stearic acid harmful to the body?

Introduction to stearic acid
Stearic acid, namely octadecanoic acid, has a simple structural formula: CH3(CH2)16COOH, which is produced by the crystallization of fats and oils and is mainly used for the production of stearates. Each gram is dissolved in 21ml ethanol, 5ml benzene, 2ml chloroform or 6ml carbon tetrachloride.

What effect does stearic acid have on the body?
Stearic acid in the diet (C18:0) does not increase the risk of atherosclerosis, and, if any, actually reduces LDL hypertension. Indeed, increased levels of C18:0 in the circulation are associated with lower blood pressure, improved heart function, and lower cancer risk.
Cosmetic databases often describe stearic acid as "safe and mild." However, it does highlight the skin irritation of people with sensitive skin of stearic acid. Like other chemicals, it may also become a carcinogen or increase disease. Cancer risk products.
What kind of stearic acid is used for skincare?
Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with 18 carbon chains and can be used in various cosmetics and skincare products. Stearic acid is mainly used to support the smell of the product and improve the texture and spreadability.

Which foods contain stearic acid?
The main food sources of adult stearic acid are meat/poultry/fish, cereal products and milk/milk products. Fats rich in stearic acid include cocoa butter (usually eaten in the form of chocolate), suet, beef tallow, lard and butter.

How to check stearic acid
Water-soluble acid: Take 5g of this product, melt it by heating, add new boiling hot water of equal volume, shake for 2 minutes, let cool, filter, add 1 drop of methyl orange indicator liquid to the filtrate, it shall not show red.
Neutral fat or wax: Take 1.0g of this product, add 0.5g of anhydrous sodium carbonate and 30ml of water, boil to dissolve, and the solution should be clear.
Residue on ignition: Take 4.0g of this product and inspect according to the law (Appendix Ⅷ N), and the remaining residue shall not exceed 0.1%.
Heavy metal: Take the residue left under the item of residue on ignition and inspect it in accordance with the law (Appendix Ⅷ H Method 2), and the content of heavy metal shall not exceed 5 parts per million.

Is stearic acid stable?
1. The pure product is a white soft piece with gloss.
2. Slightly soluble in cold water, soluble in alcohol and acetone, easily soluble in benzene, chloroform, ether, carbon tetrachloride, carbon disulfide, amyl acetate and toluene. Non-toxic.
3. Exist in flue-cured tobacco leaves, burley tobacco leaves, oriental tobacco leaves and smoke.
4. It is the fatty acid that makes up stearin.

Storage method of stearic acid
1. Type 200 stearic acid is packed in cardboard boxes. Type 800 stearic acid is packed in woven bags lined with plastic bags. Store in a cool and ventilated place.
2. This product can be packed in cardboard boxes or woven bags lined with plastic bags. The net weight of each box (bag) is 25kg or 50kg.
3. Store in a cool, dry and ventilated place, keep away from fire and oxidants. Store and transport in accordance with general chemical regulations.

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