What is a closed cooling tower?


What is a closed cooling tower?

closed cooling tower is also called evaporative air cooler. The tubular heat exchanger is placed in the tower to ensure the cooling effect through the heat exchange of circulating air, spray water and circulating water. Because it is a closed cycle, it can ensure that the water quality is not polluted, which ensures the efficient operation of the main equipment and improves the service life. When the temperature outside is low, stop the sprinkler system to save water.

In recent years, with the implementation of energy conservation and emission reduction policies and the increasing shortage of water resources, closed cooling towers have been widely used in metallurgy, aviation, electric power, chemical industry, machinery, petroleum, food, plastics, rubber and other industries. Years.

How does closed Cooling tower work?

Closed cooling tower is a kind of equipment that uses the contact between water and air to release the waste heat formed in industrial or refrigeration air conditioning according to evaporation. Wuxi Master Cooling Tower will share the working principle of closed cooling tower.

What is the process principle of closed cooling tower?

The heated working fluid enters the cooling coils, then carries away the waste heat through falling jets of water and flows against the cold, dry air entering from the bottom of the tower, forming saturated steam in the process. The fan at the top of the tower will discharge the heat out of the tower, and the water will be collected to the tank at the bottom of the tower, which will be continuously circulated by the special evaporator.

What is a closed cooling tower?

Type of closed cooling tower

1: cross-flow closed cooling tower

Fluid moves in a coil, the outer wall of the coil is coated with water, and heat is transferred through the tube. When the heat meets the water and air, it forms sufficient moist and hot steam, and the heat is blown out by the fan. The spray water can be reused, which can inhibit the formation of scale to a large extent.

2: countercurrent closed cooling tower

Countercurrent closed cooling towers allow the wind to go up from the bottom of the cooling tower against the direction of the current. It interacts with the downward jet of water back and forth, and one or more fans at the top are responsible for discharging hot and humid air to achieve the purpose of cooling. Used water can also be recycled.

3: confluence closed cooling tower

Water jet flows both laterally and in the same direction as cooling air and water jet, so it is called compound flow structure.

The dominant age of closed cooling tower

1. Compact structure

Compared with other forms, no PVC filling, compact structure, small installation area, to meet the user's requirements for space. (Filling type can also be designed according to customer requirements)

2. Hhigh efficiency

Less heat dissipation blind area, high thermal efficiency. High air duct design to ensure that the equipment in operation to meet the cooling air volume requirements.

3. Supporting auxiliary agents

We can combine the tower and auxiliary into a whole for easy customer operation, easy transportation and installation.

Industrial filter supplier

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