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Advanced materials: electrical dynamic conversion of alkali metal magnetic plasmons

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surface plasmon is a new type of element excitation formed by the collective oscillation coupling of electromagnetic wave free electrons on metal surface. Its response is closely related to the optical properties of metal environmental medium. When metal micro / nano structures are applied with external fields (light field electric field mechanical force etc.) the properties of materials or structures change resulting in dynamically adjustable (Reconfigurable) plasmons. Among many dynamic plasmon control technologies electrochemical control technology changes the micro nano structure by redox reaction which has the advantages of simple operation long cycle. For a long time precious metal materials such as silver gold have attracted much attention due to their remarkable optical response stable chemical properties. However it is necessary to maintain dynamic plasmons through continuous external energy supply. Compared with precious metals

are more close to the ideal free electron gas model so they are considered to have low optical loss. However due to the active chemical properties strict preparation conditions of lithium metal the experimental exploration of plasmonic devices based on lithium metal is rarely reported. In the field of energy as the anode material of lithium metal battery lithium metal battery has the highest mass specific capacity of 3860 mahg-1 the lowest electrochemical potential. Lithium metal battery is a high energy density energy storage technology. Therefore self powered dynamic plasmon devices can be realized by combining the optical properties electrochemical energy storage properties of lithium metal. Zhou Lin / Zhu Jia research team of Nanjing University combining the characteristics of lithium metal as an efficient optical information carrier high-performance energy storage carrier realized the first dynamic electric field control method based on planar lithium metal battery completed the dynamic control between magnetic plasmon resonance surface plasmon resonance. The researchers of

chose silver based metal dielectric metal (ag-so2-ag) swich grid structure as the micro / nano structure unit to generate magnetic plasmon resonance. The lithium metal battery with planar structure was assembled with the structure as one side electrode lithium containing cathode material as the other side electrode. In the organic electrolyte containing lithium ion lithium can be selectively deposited vertically on the side wall of metal insulator metal swich grid structure after applying appropriate current. When the metal lithium is connected with the upper metal the lower metal substrate the discontinuous metal dielectric metal structure becomes a continuous single interface metal grating structure which is excited by local magnetic field (magnetic plasmon resonance) 85 um reflection Valley) to nonlocal electric field excitation (surface plasmon resonance spp 1 um reflection Valley).

more importantly the above changes are controllable. When the reverse current is applied the deposited lithium metal will separate from the electrode surface thus the single interface metal grating will be restored to metal dielectric metal grating structure the optical mode will return from surface plasmon resonance to magnetic plasmon resonance. The research team confirmed the feasibility accuracy of the above scheme through theoretical calculation in-situ optical testing in-situ optical testing morphology characterization. Because the dynamic control scheme is based on lithium metal battery it provides a new way for the development of self powered dynamic control plasmon; at the same time the reflection spectrum related to the morphology of lithium metal is expected to provide a research platform for in-situ nondestructive detection of electrochemical reactions.

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