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Research progress of Advanced Functional Materials: self adhered bioelectronics based on imitated mussel hydrogel

Recently Professor Lu Xiong of Southwest Jiao Tong University has systematically summarized the latest progress of self adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics based on mussel inspired in recent years focused on the self adhesive nature of hydrogels the versatile nature of Mytilus based chemistry on Bioelectronics which was proposed by the team to control the hydroquinone redox mechanism through space confinement electron transfer.

are reviewed in detail from the perspective of mussel chemistry. The five properties of self adhered hydrogels are discussed in detail:

. Kdsps (1) imitated mussel chemistry is used to develop self-adhesive hydrogel bioelectrons with super mechanical strength. It breaks through the traditional tough tough hydrogel lacking surface adhesion cell affinity can not be used for tissue repair regeneration problems;


2. The mussel chemistry is used to develop self adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics with self-healing ability which realizes self repairing of damaged structure properties of self-adhesive hydrogel ensures its long-term stable use;


3 imitated mussel chemistry is used to develop transparent mussel self-adhesive hydrogel Bioelectronics which solves the problem of poor biocompatibility of nano filled conductive hydrogel ionic conductive hydrogel can not be used for visualization of bioelectronic applications;


4) imitated mussel chemistry is used to develop antibacterial imitated mussel self-adhesive hydrogel Bioelectronics which reduces the risk of implantable self-adhesive hydrogel biologic electron bacterial infection;


5. The mussel chemistry is used to develop the imitation mussel self-adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics for extreme environment which extends its application environment such as high temperature extreme cold underwater environment as well as the human body surface sweat wetting environment human body implant fluid erosion environment.

finally the review points out the conditions future directions of the imitation mussel self adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics: 1) research integrate multifunctional self-adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics; 2) develop stable implantable self-adhesive hydrogel bioelectronics combining with the complex environment in the body; 3) develop self-adhesive hydrogel surface bioelectronics for various extreme environments. 4) To extend the application of mussel adhesion mechanism in self-adhesive bioelectronic design.

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