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Wear of ceramic bearings and their main performance

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1. Under what circumstances does the wear of ceramic bearings occur?

When ceramic ball bearing are in use, when the load and speed are moderate, and the lubrication and sealing are good, even after long-term operation, there will be no obvious wear that affects the performance of the bearing, but in actual work, this kind of use Conditions are generally not easy to achieve.

A lot of practice shows that after a period of operation, the bearing will always wear. Therefore, it can be understood that when ceramic bearings are in operation, as long as there are parts that are in contact or friction with different degrees of friction and wear, we can also see the friction and wear traces of these parts on the contact surface of the bearing parts after a period of use. .

The wear of ceramic bearings mainly occurs in: the rolling surface of the ring and the rolling element, the sliding surface of the cage and the rolling element, the guide surface of the cage and the ring rib, and the rib working surface and the roller end surface of the roller bearing, etc. . However, the degree of wear depends on the environmental conditions of the bearing. In some cases, the bearing will fail due to wear before it reaches the fatigue life.

2. The main performance of ceramic bearings

The raceways of the inner and outer rings of the ceramic bearing are grooved in an arc shape. The radius of the channel is slightly larger than the radius of the ball, which is mainly used to bear radial load, and can also bear a certain axial load. When the radial clearance of the ceramic bearing increases, it has the function of angular contact ball bearing, which may bear relatively large axial load; and it is suitable for high-speed rotation.

The ceramic bearing can still work normally when the housing hole and the shaft are relatively inclined 8°-16°, but its service life will be affected. This type of bearing can be used to bear pure axial load when the speed is high and it is not suitable to use Sichuan thrust ball bearings.

Ceramic bearings generally use two halves riveted steel plate punching cage. It is called a wave cage, but large-size or high-speed bearings use a solid cage, which is guided by the same ball as the stamped cage. The cage of high-speed ceramic bearings is usually guided by the inner or outer ring ribs. Compared with other types of bearings of the same size, ceramic bearings have low friction coefficient, low vibration and noise, high limit speed, and high precision; but they are not resistant to shocks and are not suitable for large loads.

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