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  Retirement affects Qatar far more than the surge in confirmed cases in the country

wallpapers Industry 2020-03-13

  When it comes to Qatar, everyone may be familiar with football, the World Cup, and abundant natural gas resources. Still, Qatar is also promoting diversified economic development, and the free zone is part of helping to realize the 'Qatar National Vision 2030.

  Qatar's resources are mainly oil and gas. As of January 2019, the proven oil reserves were 2.5 billion tons, ranking 13th in the world, and the natural gas reserves were 24.7 trillion cubic meters, ranking third in the world. But groundwater sources are scarce. Gasoline here is cheaper than water. In 2011, it cost about 8 cents per liter (1 card is equivalent to 1.74 yuan). Groundwater sources are scarce. Freshwater uses desalinated water, which is rich in desalinated water. Drinking water generally uses pure barreled water or bottled mineral water.

  Qatar's economic development is mainly based on the export of natural gas and oil. This is the main link to promote economic growth. With the arrival of new coronavirus, the Qatar Ministry of Public Health announced on March 11 that 238 new cases of new corona pneumonia had been confirmed in the country, with a total of 262 cases currently. The outbreak caused South Korea and Japan to retire at the Qatar ITTF Open. From 24 confirmed cases to 262 occurrences, Qatar took only one day. To prevent the virus from spreading, Qatar has previously announced the closure of all schools in the country, the abolition of many public activities, immigration restrictions on people from 14 countries, and advised the population to avoid unnecessary travel shortly.

  The epidemic has affected the development of Qatar's housing construction industry. Large domestic construction sites are in an emergency shutdown, and personnel is closely isolated. Some projects started are large-scale support projects specially approved by the government. However, access is closely monitored.

  The cement, superplasticizer, cement foaming agent, and reinforcing agent required in the domestic construction industry are imported directly from abroad into the country. Under the influence of the epidemic, these required additives usually are supplied. Most of them are purchased from China and then Transported to China for site construction.

  The impact of the new coronavirus has caused cumulative damage to the global economy. Faced with the epidemic, Qatar actively communicated closely with various countries, exchanged anti-epidemic experiences, and took fewer detours. We also hope that the outbreak will pass sooner and return to a healthy and safe communication environment.

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