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Characteristics and Performance of Silica Aerogel Felt

wallpapers Industry 2020-08-26

The microstructure characteristics and performance of the SiO2 aerogel composite insulation material using glass fibre needled felt as the substrate are mainly manifested in the composite material formed by the combination of fibre substrate and SiO2 aerogel, and the aerogel aggregate particles are embedded in In a large number of micron or even larger pores with fibre material as the skeleton.

Aerogel has a sponge-like porous network structure, and the size of its pores and framework particles are mostly below 100 nm. The elongated fibres are interwoven with the aerogel aggregate particles. The right half of the figure shows the morphology of the same area of ​​the composite material displayed in the left half after being magnified 1000 times. It can be seen that the composite material maintains the high porosity and nanoporous structure of the aerogel. Although the incorporation of fibre materials slightly increases the solid-state heat conduction of the composite material, it is microstructure characteristics that are very consistent with pure SiO2 aerogel determine that the composite material still has an extremely low thermal conductivity.

The sound overall strength and structural integrity of the glass fibre needled felt play a better role in shaping and strengthening the fragile aerogel, which significantly improves the power of the composite insulation material. Experiments show that SiO2 aerogel is a high-permeability, multi-branched three-dimensional nanoporous network structure of thermal insulation material, with many unique properties and good application prospects. The hydrophobic SiO2 aerogel prepared by atmospheric drying and surface modification technology has a nanoporous structure similar to the aerogel prepared by supercritical drying. LUOYANG TONGRUN uses glass fibre needle felt composite SiO2 aerogel to make thermal insulation materials that not only maintain the microstructure characteristics of pure SiO2 aerogel, but also have extremely low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation performance, and better performance. Good strength can meet practical needs.

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