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Land Oil and Marine Oil, Who Is the "Crown Jewel" of Lubricant Industry

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Where there is mechanical friction, sufficient lubrication of lubricating grease will be required, especially in the application of bearings. But lubricating oil can be divided into land oil and marine oil according to its application field. Who is the "crown jewel" of the lubricating oil field?
Marine lubricating grease is the "crown jewel" in the field of civil lubricating oil, representing the world-class product power, appeal, and serviceability of a lubricating oil enterprise. For example, there may be more than one thousand brands of automotive lubricants in the global market. Still, only a handful of brands can obtain the brand certification of marine engines and be approved to use on large ocean-going ships.

In the world's lubricating market, marine lubricating oil is recognized as the product category with the highest "technical threshold." Although the shipping volume is far lower than that of onshore oil, it has the technical requirements that make many small and medium-sized oil look forward to. All of these come from the exclusive use scene of marine lubricating oil and the unique environment in the ocean.
The fuel with high cleanliness has been widely used in land vehicles. In contrast, the primary and auxiliary engines of ocean-going ships generally use residual fuel oil, with sulfur content up to 3.5%, alkali value of low-speed engine cylinder oil up to 100 mgKOH / g, alkali value of medium speed engine oil up to 50 mgKOH / g, and alkali value of land engine oil up to 10 mgKOH / g, Therefore, marine lubricating oil has high requirements for acid neutralization and detergency of engine oil. At the same time, naval power is a mostly medium and low-speed diesel engine with low speed and high energy, which has high requirements for oil film strength. Therefore, generally, the cylinder oil used in such an engine is sae50 viscosity grade. In the humid and salty environment of a marine climate, oil-water separation and rust prevention of engine oil are required. Capacity is also a considerable challenge.
In addition to these real technical difficulties, the launch of each new type of lubricating oil requires thousands of hours of ship tests on the test vessel to meet all requirements before it can obtain the market access qualification. During this period, it is difficult to count the resources needed to be invested and the technical difficulties to be solved.
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