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What Are The Uses Of Ceramic Bearings

wallpapers News 2020-04-13

1. Automotive

Bearings used in automobiles, the most demanding speed is the turbocharger bearing, which requires the bearing to have good acceleration reactivity, as well as low torque, low vibration, and low-temperature rise under high-speed rotation. Because of its low-temperature growth during operation, it can reduce the amount of lubricating oil, so the stirring resistance of the oil is reduced, the bearing torque is reduced, and the speed is increased. Besides, rail vehicles also use it, and its durability and reliability under harsh conditions have been proven.

2. Motor

The motor can be used to achieve permanent insulation. When the engine is used in a deceleration and energy-saving device, the internal leakage can cause arc discharge.

3. Aeroengine

In the fuel pump of an aero-engine, it can work in liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen medium for a long time. It has been proved that it has experienced 50 launches without damage.

4. Aircraft parts

The aircraft manufacturing industry has used ball screws fitted with ceramic balls for aircraft flap adjusters and has also tried to use hybrid ceramic bearings in gas turbine engines.

Advantages of ceramic bearings

1. It has the advantage of zero corrosion. Even in a dissatisfied working environment, it can still be used without obstacles.

2. Regardless of whether the temperature suddenly increases or decreases suddenly, it can be free from any influence.

3. The most prominent feature of the ceramic bearing is that it will not be deformed by force, because the elastic modulus of the bearing is higher than that of steel.

4. The density of the ceramic rolling ball is much lower than that of steel, so the weight is naturally lighter, so the friction of the centrifugal rotation of the outer ring can be reduced, and the service life of the natural ceramic bearing becomes longer.

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