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What is EV Charger Module?

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What is EV Charger Module?
EV Charger Module is the inner power module for DC fast charger, and convert AC energy into DC in order to charge electric vehicles. The EV charger module takes a 3-phase current input and with an adjustable DC output to meet a variety of battery pack requirements. 
How does an EV Charger Module work?
EV Charger Modules are individually or in parallel to form a charging cabinet, with current sharing and voltage stabilization technology, to achieve stable power output, and to meet the charging of battery packs of different voltage levels. The electric vehicle charging power supply of the electric vehicle distributed charging network can quickly and effectively deploy the charging network to provide high-power charging services for electric vehicles. 
Features of EV Charger Module
1. Moisture proof: All components are enclosed and protected from erosion in humid coastal conditions;
2. Dust proof: The cooling air duct is independent and isolated from the components. It will not be blocked even in the mining area and the serious dust area;
3. Maintenance-free: Ordinary indoor and outdoor use, the module does not need maintenance;
4. Reliability: The module is designed according to automobile standard, and the charging operation is stable and reliable;
5. Hot swapping: Charging module adopt plug and unplug technology, easy installation and maintenance. When the charging module is connected to the system, the output voltage of the system will not be disturbed;
6. Advanced flow sharing technology: The charging module can automatically share the current, and the unbalance is less than ±0.5A;
7. Input limit power control. 
Advantages of EV Charger Module
High efficiency: ≥95%;
Wide output voltage range: 150VDC ~ 1000VDC;
High power density; Complete protection and alarm functions: input over/under voltage, output over voltage, over current, over-temperature protection, output under voltage alarm, output short circuit protection;
Short Circuit Protection;
Fan Failure Protection;
LED indicator display;
Support CAN BUS communication;
CE certification. 
Applications of EV Charger Module
Grasen EV Charger Module has high reliability, high availability and high efficiency, which can meet the voltage requirements of different battery packs, reduce the potential safety hazard and greatly save the operation and maintenance cost of life cycle. EV Charger Module can be used on DC fast chargers for EVs and E-buses. We provide high-quality DC fast chargers, charging stations, powder modules, onboard EV chargers, DC to DC converters for EV charging station owners, EV manufacturers, government, EV drivers, and many other groups of people. For the latest price of  EV Charger Module, send us an email or click on the needed products to send an inquiry.

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