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What is lithium nitride?

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What is lithium nitride?
Lithium nitride is a metal nitrogen compound with a molecular formula of Li3N. It is a purple or red crystalline solid with a light green luster in reflected light and a ruby color in transmitted light. Long-term exposure to the air will eventually become lithium carbonate. Basic metal nitride chemistry is extremely limited. Among binary compounds, only lithium nitride is stable and easy to prepare (sodium nitrite and potassium nitride can only be prepared under extreme conditions).
At room temperature, metallic lithium can partially generate lithium nitride when exposed to air. Lithium generates lithium nitride in a nitrogen stream, which is 10-15 times faster than in the air. At this time, all lithium is converted into lithium nitride. Compared with this property, it is difficult for other alkali metals to form nitrides. For example, sodium nitrite can only be prepared by deposition on sapphire with the atomic beam at low temperature, and it will decompose after a little heating. Lithium nitride is easily hydrolyzed to generate lithium hydroxide and ammonia gas, especially fine powdered lithium nitride, which can burn violently when heated in the air. Therefore, lithium nitride must be handled in an inert atmosphere (such as nitrogen). It can be used as a nitriding agent, a reducing agent in organic reactions, and a source of nitrogen in inorganic reactions.
How is Lithium Nitride Li3N Powder Produced?
The preparation of lithium nitride can be made by directly reacting elemental nitrogen and lithium. It is usually made by burning lithium in pure nitrogen. Whether in the laboratory or industry, this method is the best way to prepare lithium nitride. Commonly used methods. In addition, nitrogen can also be introduced into liquid sodium dissolved with metallic lithium, and the lithium nitride prepared by the latter has a higher purity.
What is lithium nitride used for?
Lithium nitride is a fast ion conductor and its conductivity is higher than other inorganic lithium salts. There have been many studies on the application of lithium nitride as a solid electrode and cathode material for batteries.
Based on lithium nitride, a series of lithium fast-ion conductors have been prepared. They analyzed and identified their phase composition, studied their ionic conductivity, decomposition voltage, electrical conductivity, and other electrochemical properties, and assembled an experimental battery with this material to conduct a discharge test.
The dangers of lithium nitride
In the process of using lithium nitride, it is necessary to avoid harm to human health as much as possible, and attention should be paid to avoid causing an explosion. Lithium nitride produces irritating and corrosive ammonia when exposed to water or moisture. It is corrosive and toxic to the eyes, mucous membranes, and respiratory system. The product is flammable, toxic, and corrosive when wet, and can cause burns to the human body.
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