CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates CAS 65218-33-7

CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates are low foaming, easy to wash, dissolve quickly in coldwater, have no gel phase and good compatibility.Active matter content (%): 95

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CMEE Coconut Ethoxylates are easy to work with and have a very low freezing point.
It is mild and eco-friendly. CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates have low foam and are easy to wash. Coldwater dissolution speed, no gel phase, good compatibility.

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Technical Parameter CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates :
Appearance(25) Active matter content (%) Condensation point()
Pale Yellow Liquid 99 7-9 2-5

Applications CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates :

MES is a sulfonated fatty acid-methyl ester.
The disodium generated by MES can have a negative impact on the washing performance. It is also hard to make products of high concentration with high viscosity and difficult to compete in price with linearalkylbenzene-sodium sulfonate. Fatty acid methyl ester is made from renewable oil which is suitable for human living conditions.
With the increasing global environmental protection standards, the percentage of surfactants derived from renewable resources has increased, as well as the production of natural oil. Therefore, the use and production of fatty acid-methyl ester have been gradually increasing. Recently, both domestic and foreign researchers have explored the potential applications of fatty acids methyl esters.
Japanese Lion and German Condia have been comparing FMEE and laurate ether (alcohol ether) since the 1990s.
Both have similar surface tension properties, wetting powers, detergency etc., but the foaming and turbidity points of the former are lower than those of alcohol-ether. The water solubility is also slightly lower.
Henkel has found that fatty acid methyl ester ethoxylates containing a mass fraction of 60% EO have a significantly higher stain removal ability than alcohol ether (AEO), with the same carbon numbers, at 40C.
A patent shows that fatty acid-methyl ester ethoxylates can be used in a variety of applications due to the excellent surface properties.
In China, technical staff of China National Institute of Daily Chemical Industry have developed a technology and catalyst for the preparation of FMEE utilizing fatty acid methyl ester as a raw material with ethylene oxide added. They also studied the synthesis of FMEE utilizing a self-made catalyst.
The results indicate that FMEE is not only similar to AEO in terms of properties, but also offers the following advantages: low foaming, quick water solubility (strong oil solubilization), less skin irritation, and good biodegradation. This makes FMEE ideal for hard surface cleaning as well as liquid cleaning pesticides emulsifiers.
China Daily Chemical Industry Research Institute and Fushun Dongyuan Chemical Plant have completed two industrial scale production experiments in 2002.
The manufacturer uses cMEE-8 - the epoxy ethane, condensed into 8 molecules. The powdered washing has undergone various tests and produced good results. It has good prospects for industrial use.

Packing & Shipping of CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates :
CMEE Coconut Ethyl Ester Ethoxylates is available in a variety of different packaging options.
CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates packing: 1kg/bottle. 25kg/barrel. 200kg/barrel.
CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates shipping: Payment receipt can be used to ship the goods by air, sea, or express as soon as practicable.

CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates Properties

Alternative Names N/A
CAS Number 65218-33-7
Compound Formula N/A
Molecular Mass N/A
Appearance Pale Yellow Liquid
Melting Point N/A
Boiling Point N/A
Density N/A
Solubility In H2O N/A
Exact Mass N/A

CMEE Coconut Methyl Ester Ethoxylates Health & Safety Information

Sign Word N/A
Hazard Statements N/A
Hazard Codes N/A
Risk Codes N/A
Safety Declarations N/A
Transport Information

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