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What is the hazard of the roller skew of the roller bearing

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Roller bearing is a kind of ball bearing , and it is one of the parts widely used in modern machinery. It relies on the rolling contact between the main components to support the rotating parts. Roller bearings are now mostly standardized. Roller bearings have the advantages of small starting torque, high rotation accuracy, and convenient selection.

Rolling bearings have an irreplaceable role for other mechanical parts in industrial production. Improving the lubrication performance of the bearing can help reduce the wear of the bearing and extend its service life. Common failures of roller bearings include the roller skew. The following will analyze the hazards of the skew of the pipe and the method to reduce the skew of the roller.

The hazard of roller skew: After the roller is skewed, the roller cannot maintain normal rolling motion in the raceway, which will produce a lot of sliding friction, especially the friction and wear between the two ends of the roller and the outer raceway. At the same time, the friction between the roller and the cage and between the roller and the guide rib is intensified. After the roller is skewed, the force of the cage on the roller resists the skew, and the effect of the rib on the end face of the roller also produces a skewed moment, so that the roller is in a stable state with a skew angle. In a normal stable state, the bearing is easily broken.

Ways to reduce roller skew:

⑴ Formulate the correct installation technology and inspection method of roller bearing;

⑵ Correct use of roller bearings, the matching shafts and bearing housing holes have high machining accuracy, and the axes are parallel; cylindrical rollers are not subject to axial force, and other bearings and measures can be used to bear axial force.

⑶ Improve the guide of the cage and the rib to the roller.

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