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What wattage does it take to repair your electronic equipment using soldering tools-soldering iron?

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What are soldering tools?
Soldering is used in different industries, such as piping, electronic assembly, automobile repair and jewelry manufacturing. You cannot use the same set of soldering tools in all soldering applications. Depending on the materials, their chemical composition and size, you need to select the correct set of solving tools. The choice also depends on your skills in using soldering tools. Soldering is a very complex process used to connect two materials without melting them. Unlike soldering, it does not melt metal. Instead, it melts the solder (filler material) and connects the two metals.
How many watts of soldering iron does the circuit board of electronic equipment need?
Different types of soldering irons and other soldering tools produce a range of watts of heat. When working with the correct power electric soldering iron, the electronic board will ensure that the task is completed correctly without damaging the fragile electronics. When soldering electronic circuit boards with soldering tools, using too high or too low wattage will cause damage.
Basic soldering iron
Use a basic soldering iron rated between 15W and 30W. This is the ideal range for most electronic products and printed circuit boards. Working with a soldering iron with a higher wattage may cause damage to the circuit board or components soldered to the circuit board.
High wattage soldering iron
High wattage soldering irons, those that can produce 40 watts or higher, are usually used for heavier parts and thicker wires. High wattage soldering irons or soldering iron guns should not be used on circuit boards because they can damage fragile electronic components.
The biggest difference between soldering iron and soldering gun is the size of heat source. The soldering iron has an accurate heat source for accurate work, while the soldering gun is not so accurate, but it can have a higher wattage because the current flows directly through the soldering tools.
Soldering type
The type of solder will also play a role in the wattage soldering iron used in electronic board projects. For example, the solder melting temperature of 50% tin and 50% lead is 425 degrees Fahrenheit. The melting temperature of solder containing 60% tin and 40% lead is 371 degrees Fahrenheit. The melting temperature of solder composed of 63% tin and 37% lead is 361 ° F. Check the specification of the soldering iron you choose to ensure that it can produce the required heat and the type of solder is used.
In order to effectively complete such a complex process, you must equip yourself with appropriate soldering tools.
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