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How to reduce bearing frictions?

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Bearing friction exists between the rotating shaft and bearing that is supporting that shaft. No matter what kind of bearings do you use, you need to maintain them properly to reduce frictions. Things will be different for different types of bearings.
Ball bearings
Ball bearings are typically mounted in rotating assemblies in which one race is stationary, such as the outer race when pressed into a housing, while the other race rotates with the shaft. The separation of the races by the balls reduces the friction that would've been present between the shaft and housing. The balls allow the inner race of the bearing to rotate independently of the outer race while also carrying the load transmitted through the races. In order to reduce the ball bearing frictions, the manufacturer uses more smooth steel balls lubricated with lubricant oil or grease.
Roller Bearings
Roller bearings works the same as ball bearings, the roller part is made hard and smooth enough to reduce frictions. The use of lubricant will reduce the frictions as well.
Plain Bearings
Plain bearings uses one part to slide over another. Thus, a layer of oil or liquid is needed to reduce frictions.
From the above said, roller bearings and ball bearings has much smaller frictions than plain bearings. Most ball bearings and roller bearings needs little maintenance and handling. However, you need to check them periodically to ensure they are in good conditions. This will save you a lot of money.
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