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How strong is the bactericidal effect of nano silver

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What's the role the nano silver has?

Nano silver is comprised of nanoparticles made up of silver. These particles serve as antibacterial and antifungal agents in various industrial processes, such as water purification and other consumer goods (such as cosmetics, clothing, childcare products along with food containers and many other items). Nanosilver's concept is the silver elemental silver having the size of a nanometer or less. This is powdery silver element with an average particle size of less than 100nm and generally ranges between 25-50nm. Nano silver's performance is directly related to its particle size. The study found that the smaller the size of the particles is, the better the sterilization results.

Nano silver is similar to colloidal or colloidal silver?

First, the colloidal silver particles are prepared without a capping agent. In contrast the silver nanoparticles have been coated with plant extracts. This makes them more stable and harmless to human tissue. Also, with advances in technology, the size of nanoparticles has become uniform.

Do nano-silver kill bacteria?

Silver is an extensively researched antibacterial agent , which has been proven to kill bacteria, fungi and certain viruses. The antimicrobial activity is due to positively charged silver Ions (Ag +)22,22. Silver ions attack microorganisms by various modes of action.

Nano silver can't be seen through the naked-eye. Very little nano silver is added to deionized waters to form an antibacterial colloidal solution composed of nano silver. liquid. The size of its particles is 500 1,000 times or less that of cells. It's very easy to absorb and excreted which means it can quickly and effectively kill specific fungi, bacteria, and viruses. It differs from standard antibiotics. Antibiotics can kill just a few bacteria , but not viruses. Nano-silver has the ability to kill more than the 650 types of bacteria and viruses. It's well-known as the second "immune system" of the human body.

Do you think Nano Silver good for you?

As a substance, silver discovered in the atmosphere is considered to be extremely healthy. However, the majority of people do not have enough knowledge about the environmental and health risks of silver nanoparticles, consequently the ingestion of colloidal Silver is considered to be risky.

Nano silver antibacterial . Compared to other biological and chemical disinfectants, nano silver is able to destroy more than 650 varieties of bacteria in just moments, and broad-spectrum sterilization with no any resistance to any medication. Furthermore, it can help to speed up wound healing cell growth , and even damage. The repair of cells has zero toxic reactions and does not cause adverse skin reactions. This opens up broad prospects for widespread use of nano-silver to fight bacteria. It's the most modern generation of natural antibacterial agents.

Is nano silver dangerous?

Nano silver may cause slight eye and skin irritation to the skin and eyes. Also, it can act as mild skin allergen. Inhalation of small silver particles primarily affects the liver and the lungs. It's been discovered that silver nanoparticles can be genotoxic to mammalian cells.

Highlights of Nano Silver

1. An antibiotic is capable of killing about six kinds of pathogens while nano-silver can kill hundreds of pathogenic microorganisms.

2. Nano silver can kill more than 650 kinds bacteria in less than a minute. The unique mechanism for bactericidal kills allows nano silver particles to swiftly kill pathogenic bacteria at low levels.

3. Nano silver particles are extremely permeability, can quickly go through skin 2mm to disinfect, and have a good sterilizing effect on commonly found bacteria, stubborn bacteria in drug-resistant strains and in deep tissues infections caused fungi.

4. Improve wound healing by repairing and regenerating damaged cells, break down muscle growth, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory help speed wound healing and lessen scar formation.

5. Nano silver particles are developed by patented technology and have an external film of protection, which will release gradually in the human body, so the antibacterial effect is robust and lasts for a long time.

6. Nano silver acts as a bactericide that is not antibacterial nano silver is capable of killing numerous pathogenic microorganisms. It is more effective than antibiotics. The unique antibacterial mechanism using nano silver particles at 10 nanometers can swiftly and efficiently kill bacteria, making them decrease their fertility and not be produced. Newer generations of drug resistance could efficiently ward off attacks that are repeated by resistance to drugs.

Nano silver antibacterial mechanism

Nano silver particles sit interspersed between microscopic and macroscopic particles and atoms. They display special surface effects. They also exhibit small dimensions effects, quantum size effects and quantum tunnel effects that are macroscopic, and can easily enter disease-causing organisms.

2. In nanoscale silver, the size is small and the volume percentage on the surface is large. The electronic and bonding status of the surface are distinct from the inside of the particle. Incomplete coordination of surface-atoms leads to an increase in active sites on the surface that serve for antibacterial properties;

3. Nano-silver's strength of penetration that allows it to fully be able to penetrate and destroy pathogens creating stronger biological impacts. It provides advantages such as superior safety, a wide antibacterial properties, and a long-lasting sterilization time. Nanosilver's antibacterial qualities are far more effective in killing pathogenic bacteria, cocci and filamentous molds than conventional silver ion antifungal agents. Nano silver particles have the ability to eradicate fungi, bacteria mycoplasma, Chlamydia and many other pathogenic microorganisms.

Source of nanosilver

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